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Anger and Forgiveness

Fourth Edition



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Page Contents: Anger and Forgiveness


Deeply profound and yet elegantly simple insight into

A book that provides much needed clarity about two topics often misunderstood in contemporary culture

This Fourth Edition incorporates many additions and changes to the text made since the printing of the Second Edition in 2006.

MOST of us carry more anger in our hearts than we are capable of admitting even to ourselves. As a result, we often feel stuck in lives of unfulfilled potential, unending resentments, and physical illness.

In this book, Dr. Richmond explains the deep psychological implications of anger and forgiveness and shows how to turn the emotional wounds of daily life into psychological growth.

The book also provides information about how anger and a lack of forgiveness can lead to clinical depression.

Compiled from several pages on this website and attractively organized
into the convenient format of a book.

Part One: Anger
Apathy / Anger / The Starting Point: Three Steps / The Popular Response: Revenge and Violence / The Solution: The Fourth Step / Victim Anger / Hidden Anger at the Father / Summary / A Cultural Note / Just the Facts, Please / A Personal Explanation
Part Two: Forgiveness
Forgiveness and Healing / Reconciliation / Penance: Confession, Repentance, and Penalty / The Psychology of Forgiveness / The Problem of Failed Reconciliation / Premature Forgiveness / Repairing the Damage / Suggestions / A Personal Explanation
Appendix I: A List of Emotions
Appendix II: Depression and Suicide
Background | The Rest of the Story | Repressed Anger | Shame and Guilt | Child Abuse | A Subtle Deception | The Real Cure



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Anger and Forgiveness

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Anger and Forgiveness

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