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Would you like permission to reproduce material from my website? Please understand that your desire in itself  is a declaration that you have received benefit from my work. Therefore, it is fitting that you send me a minimum donation of $35 to my website before I will consider your request for permission to reproduce material from my website.


Note that academic tradition allows short, properly cited quotations in academic papers to be used without seeking permission from the source author or publisher.



If you request to use material from this website in a business setting (e.g., school, hospital, business website, blog with advertising, etc.), I will also require a royalty to be paid to me in proportion to the financial gain expected to result from your project. The amount of this royalty can be negotiated after I receive your initial donation.


A PUBLISHING HOUSE that seeks permission to use material from this website in a book about to be published may forego the initial donation, but the publishing proposal must be sent to me as a printed legal document, not by e-mail.


In general, please keep this in mind about a royalty: if you or the institution for which you work will derive a monetary profit from my work, then why should I be expected to work for free?



Use the donations page to make a $35 donation to this website.


Use the Communications page to send your permission request.

NOTE: Follow the instructions on the Contact Me page or you run the risk of your message being deleted as SPAM.


Without my express permission, any reproduction or distribution of material from this website is prohibited and will be considered a violation of applicable law.

An unanswered request is to be considered a denial of permission.


No, you cannot place your ad here, because I do not accept advertising on this website.

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