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RAYMOND LLOYD RICHMOND, PH.D. holds his doctorate in clinical psychology and is licensed as a psychologist (PSY 13274) in the state of California.

Previous to his doctoral degree, he earned an M.A. in religious studies, an M.S.E. in counseling, and an M.S. in clinical psychology.
During the course of his education he received training in Lacanian psychoanalysis, psychodynamic psychotherapy, hypnosis, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He completed a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Health Psychology. His clinical experience encompasses crisis intervention; treatment for childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; trauma and PTSD evaluation and treatment; and treatment of psychotic, mood, and anxiety disorders.



For the protection of my security on the Internet, these are the only personal details that I will provide.

B.A. English Literature
M.A. Religious Studies
M.S.E. Education/Counseling
M.S. Clinical Psychology
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Psychology



Author(s) and title


Richmond, R. L. & Carmody, T. P. (1999). Dropout from treatment for chronic low-back pain. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 30(1), 51-55.


Richmond, R. L. (1997). The fourth pleasing idea. American Psychologist, 52, 1244.


Richmond, R. (1992). Discriminating variables among psychotherapy dropouts from a psychology training clinic. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 23(2), 123-130.



Author and title


Richmond, R. (1986). Biorhythms. Soft Sector, 2, 28-33.


  BOOKS (from writings on this website)

Author and title


Richmond, Raymond Lloyd. Boundaries: Protecting Yourself from Emotional Harm.


Richmond, Raymond Lloyd. Disasters and Trauma 3E: The Psychological and Spiritual Battle Against Evil. (now in Third Edition).


Richmond, Raymond Lloyd. Psychology from the Heart: The Spiritual Depth of Clinical Psychology.


Richmond, Raymond Lloyd. Anger and Forgiveness (now in Fourth Edition).


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Raymond Lloyd Richmond, Ph.D.
San Francisco


Throughout this website, my goal is to help you realize that although life can be painful, unfair, and brutal, it doesn’t have to be misery.
The practice of good clinical psychology is not about having your pain “taken away” but to be helped to take up the cup of your destiny with courage and honesty.


Anger and Forgiveness
(4th edition)

Shows how to turn the emotional wounds of daily life into psychological growth.

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Psychology from the Heart

Collected texts about the spiritual depth of clinical psychology.

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Disasters and Trauma 3E

The Struggle for Psychological and Spiritual Growth.

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Protecting Yourself from Emotional Harm.

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A Guide to Psychology and its Practice



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